Are you seeing unfamiliar terms here on A shared language is essential when sharing ideas, and we want to be understood.

Here’s what we mean, when we say these things:

Centrality Spectrum

There’s no shortage of words to describe whether an application is centralized or not. “Decentralized”, “distributed”, “federated”, “public”, “permissioned”… There’s even “decentralized design, but centralized in practice.”

At Beyond Central, we recognize there is a continuum. Our products are designed to support your application, whether it is decentralized today, or one day will be.

Security Spectrum

Too many products market convenience for consumers vs. security for enterprise. The implication is, security has to be complicated and inconvenient.

We believe strong security should be available for any digital asset. The holder of that asset should decide: a high barrier for high value assets, or a more fluid barrier for lower value assets.