Beyond Central

the revolution will not be centralized

Decentralized Applications

Give your users a meaningful upgrade: from client to peer.

Our decentralized apps put peers in control of their own assets, make trust relationships opt-in, and keep data secure.

Modern cryptography and our straightforward design make these systems buildable, reliable, and scalable today.



Complete control of your activity. Made possible by opt-in peer relationships and opt-in transaction models.


Modern cryptography and distributed records create a tamper-proof activity log.


Single-party, counterparty and multi-party transactions, all supported by one dynamic architecture.


Share sensitive data explicity, only with counterparties, and not with anyone else.


Our unique transaction model is the “secret sauce” that outperforms every blockchain.


The advantages of asymmetric cryptography, with minimum complexity. Flexible multisign is available to power users...

Our Difference

The Beyond Central team has years of experience developing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

We believe decentralization is a must!
The overhead of heavyweight distributed consensus is not.

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